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The Aussies

At the end of my 2nd Tour in Vietnam, after I had a replacement for my job, I got permission to fly from my location at Chu Lai in the Americal Division, I Corps, to visit my brother who was a District Advisor in IV Corps along the Gulf of Siam. It took me a couple of days with a flight from Chu Lai to Saigon; and on the 2nd day to my brother’s location, Kien Loung District, Kien Giang Provence.

After a two day visit, I needed a way to get back to Saigon to catch a flight to Chu Lai. There was a dirt airfield at my brother’s location and on that morning a Caribou landed and was dropping off 2.75 inch rocket ammunition for Cobra Helicopters that laggered there during the nights. The Caribou was Australian Air Force.

My brother and I jumped in his jeep and drove to the airstrip as the Aussie Crew Chief and a couple of US Army troops were unloading the ammunition. My hope was the opportunity for a ride to somewhere. I asked the Aussie Crew Chief about the chances for a ride to Saigon? He responded; “pissy – pissy” which I didn’t understand. So, I asked again; “What’s the chance of getting a ride to Saigon?” Tthe answer was; “pissy - pissy...just as easy as taking a piss, jump aboard Mate!”

It was a quick flight to Saigon. I, then, caught a flight to Cam Ranh Bay and spent the night. The next day I was back at Chu Lai and a few days later back at Cam Ranh Bay for a flight to McCord AFB, WA and back to Cottage Grove, OR the next morning. This was October 1969. My brother finished his 2nd Tour in May 1970.

​Submitted by Patrick Simpson, LTC, USA Ret.

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