1. Increases in TRICARE fees, due to repeal of the 2017 National Defense Authorization’s grand-fathering clause. 

 2.  Part B Medicare premiums. Due to a 2% increase in Social Security, there may be a small increase to higher earning     individuals.

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Emerald Empire Chapter

Military Officers Association of America


National MOAA "Storming The Hill" event took place April 2018. The following topics were addressed this year:

  • ​Support and fund the president's 2.6% military pay raise, to maintain comparability with the Employment Cost Index
  • ​Support Chapter 61 Retirees, who were unable to serve a full career due to illness or injury
  • ​Eliminate the SBP-DIC offset (Widow's Tax)
  • ​Disproportionate and inappropriate Tricare fees increase
  • * You can see national MOAA’s Storming the Hill issues in detail:


National MOAA 2018 Goals

 1. Ensure any TRICARE reform sustains access to TOP quality care

 2. Prevent disproportional TRICARE fee increases

 3. Sustain military pay comparability with the private sector

 4. Block erosion of compensation and non-pay and quality of life benefits

 5. Protect military retirement and COLAs

 6. Sustain wounded warrior programs and expand caregiver support

 7. End financial penalties to survivors and the disables

 8. Ensure the Guard and Reserve system adequately supports the requirements for an operational reserve

 9. Ensure spouse and family support programs are aligned with current and emerging needs of an all-volunteer       force

 10. Ensure timely access to VA health care and preserve earned veterans benefits

     ​*You can read the entire article in the January MOAA magazine, Pg. 36.

The mission of the Emerald Empire Chapter of MOAA is to advocate for our military community and connect it to the nation we serve.