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March 26 2019

The VA announced Thursday it will not appeal the decision by a federal judge to award benefits to the veterans, known as the Blue Water Navy.

AUSN wanted you to be the first to know that in a major victory for "Blue Water" Navy Vietnam veterans, a federal court has ruled overwhelmingly that sailors are eligible for the same disability benefits as those who had boots on the ground or patrolled the inland rivers of Vietnam and were exposed to the deadly herbicide Agent Orange.  Thanks to the support and efforts of our members, AUSN has been working vigilantly over the past few years to bring our "Blue Water" shipmates much needed and deserved relief from Agent Orange toxicity exposure. 

AUSN was among the very first to come out in support for the appeal brought by Alfred Procopio Jr., who served on the USS Intrepid and was denied benefits for claims related to diabetes and prostate cancer -- diseases associated with Agent Orange exposure.

Despite the fact that the science on this issue was settled long ago, the Department of Veterans Affairs has continued to drag their heels on the issue, saying -- incorrectly -- there is not enough data to support the claim that as many as 90,000 Navy veterans serving offshore were exposed. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit clearly didn't agree, siding with the sailors in a 9-2 decision that would apply to 52,000 veterans.


    Check out a recording of the webcast hosted on 4/25, by Under Secretary for Benefits, Paul R. Lawrence, Ph.D.     Get information on VBA’s performance for the second quarter FY 2019, updates on appeals modernization, and     information on VBA’s tele-counseling initiative.

MOAA Supports Bill That Would Allow Service Members to Sue Over Medical Malpractice


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Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017

The Veteran Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 became law on August 23, 2017 (Pub L. 115-55). It is also known as the Appeals Modernization Act. You can read the law in full on
The new law will:
​Modernize the current claims and appeals process
Include three review options for disagreements with decisions
Require improved notification of VA decisions
Provide earlier claim resolution
Ensure you receive the earliest effective date possible

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Here is a short informational video on the new Act